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High Tech Home Locks

05/07/2015 Back To Blog

If you are impressed with technology these days, we are certain you’ll be impressed with some of the more high-tech home security features now being offered. Locksmith Tempe is able to install some of the high-tech features that you may find impressive enough to purchase. Some people like them because they don’t like carrying keys with them, and this option affords them the chance to eliminate at least one key. Other homeowners like them because they do not see everyone in the neighborhood with them. When you see one of these high-tech security features, it you can’t help but wonder how they work.


Features of High Tech Security Systems

Lots of things are now able to operate by use of Bluetooth devises, Wi-Fi and fingerprint scans. All of these features make it possible for you to ditch your key. Now, lets show you how some of these features actually work.

Key Fob

The key fob is probably the most recognizable keyless entry mechanism. You simply wave it in front of a box and the doors automatically open. The key fob is an electronic security mechanism, which allows the holder to enter a secured area. It may not seem high-tech to some people but to anyone who isn’t tech savvy, it is a step up from carrying a key.

Biometric Locks

Now, we’re moving into an area that you probably never imagined you’d be able to use as a homeowner, fingerprint identification. A biometric lock uses your distinct fingerprints to allow you access into a room or area. Since no two fingerprints are the same, it will only open once your fingerprints have been scanned and stored in the biometric system. Once scanned, they are turned into numerical algorithms that will only match your prints.


This method allows you to use your smartphone instead of a key. This method is known as ‘smart locks’.  This type of lock is operated via Bluetooth. An encrypted passcode is entered into your phone, which unlocks the doors of your home or garage. You don’t have to be home to enable this lock feature. If you are expecting guest, you can simply use your smartphone to unlock the doors from wherever you are.

Information Readily Available

Most professional locksmith technicians are happy to discuss the options that are currently on the market today. They take the time to find out what your lifestyle is like in order to advise you of the best and most appropriate high-tech security features for you. Stay ahead of the curve by letting a locksmith install one of the latest and most innovative lock and key features, today.

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