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Information regarding security issues such as lost keys, lockouts, and stolen keys are listed below.

Should my family have key duplicates, just in case?

As far as home security goes, only family members who need it may be given keys. The choice is still up to you to make, but it is generally accepted that the fewer people who have keys to your home the better.

What should I do if I break my key while it’s in the locking cylinder?

Experts over at Locksmith Tempe always recommend that the first step would be to calm down. If it looks like it can still be removed, the right tools might just be able to do the job. A thin pair of pliers just might do the trick.

Why are electronic locks made to have multiple users with a unique access code?

This is comparable to giving individual keys to people. In case of a rental property or an office with multiple workers, the owner or manager simply needs to change the access code when someone leaves. There is no need to rekey the lock or change someone else’s code.

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